Friday, November 2, 2012

Thirty Days of Thanks-Day 2

      Day 2: I am thankful for my husband! For those of you who don't know's our story.
                                                                 Our first picture together.
I was just browsing friends of friends on Myspace one day and came across Christopher's profile. His car was his profile picture and it definitely caught my eye. ( I am a huge Dodge fan...and he had a Charger). Then his profile said he was a Christian, and that he love the Florida Gators...going three for three here. I sent him a message just introducing myself, and to my surprise got one back. We exchanged several messages, then phone numbers and after a gazillion text messages I asked if wanted to go to the "Oklahoma" play in Lake City. Of course he said he would go, and then we finally met in person. It was an interesting but great date to say the least. After that, we began to spend lots of time together and things went from there. We would spend time at the park, just walking around, talking about our lives and getting to know each other...that was a time when things were simple, but wonderful. Through out the time we spent together, two "dates" stand out the most...the one where he almost stood me up at IHOP, and the other when we spent the weekend of July 4th together.
IHOP----I'm not even sure where to begin. I was out putting in applications and we decided to meet at IHOP for lunch. Well....the waitress was really nice, got my drink, and proceeded to check on me often to see if I wanted to order. I kept telling her no, that I was waiting for someone....someone who was supposed to be there an hour ago. I'm telling you, she thought I was stood up...and so did I. Christopher's story was that he had to put his shirt in the dryer to de-wrinkle it and it took longer than he expected. After getting married...I find out the truth....he fell back asleep, but was embarrassed and didn't want to tell me that. At the time I didn't think anything about. No big deal, I just spent my time wondering if he was going to show....afterwards, I felt kind of stupid as I know the waitress felt pitty for me. However, it is something we can laugh about and will always remember.

                                                                         At the race. 

July 4th weekend of 2008----What a great weekend! It was the best weekend I had in a long time, will be something I will always remember. Friday night July 4th began the festivities. Christopher took me to the Landing in Jacksonville for Fireworks. I had never been and I really enjoyed it. There was a lot of people and the drive home was a little crazy, but we managed and had a great time. Saturday, we left early and went to the Coke Zero 400 in Daytona. Christopher, his dad, his papa, his uncle and I all crammed in his car to get to the was interesting, but leaving the race was even more interesting. I had a great time, and being that it was my first time at the race, I wouldn't have had any other way. On Sunday, we ended the weekend by going to church. The weekend flew by, but it was a great one, one that helped us get to where we are and one that will always be remembered.
I love going back and thinking how we got started in the beginning. I know I can say without a doubt, that I didn't think we would be where we are today. Things are not always easy for us, but I'm thankful for Chris. He has been my rock and my encouragement through so much. He gets frustrated with me at times and thinks I'm just this crazy emotional person, but he always helps me through.  He's always there to remind me that everything we've gone, are going through and will go through is just part of God's plan. I'm so thankful that he is a Godly man, serving God and doing what God wants him to do. I'm thankful that I can count on him to pray for me, and to be quote me scriptures when I need it the most. I'm thankful that he's a good daddy, and husband that goes to work for us, provides for us and doesn't complain if we decide to go shopping and get lunch. I'm so thankful that he compliments me in every way and is willing to put up with me even on my hardest days. I am no easy person to live with, but he does it, most of the time takes my craziness with ease and is always there to pick me up when I fall. I'm thankful that he has the same views I do, and that we both agreed that when we said "I do" it was forever, and that just because things get tough, doesn't mean it's time to quit.
I'm so thankful that God seen us fit for each and opened up the doors for everything to fall into place. I am proud to call myself Mrs. Christopher Crews, and I know that I cannot take my relationship for granted. I always wanted to be a stay at home mom, and he has had made the possible for me, and has allowed me the opportunity to go back to school. He doesn't complain to much when the house isn't clean or when I have done laundry, I just have to make sure he has something to eat. :) I love you, Chris and I am so thankful for you!

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