Saturday, November 10, 2012

30 Days of Thanks: Day 10

Day 10--- I'm thankful for extended family, great conversations, fires, s'mores, lots of food and corn hole. I'm thankful for the cool weather, the fall decorations and for time. Sometimes we take the "small" things for granted and never realize just how important they are until they're gone. I find myself wanting to be a homebody often, but I'm so glad that I make myself get dressed and go to the things that I could have easily skipped out on. I always leave feeling better than when I got there and I ALWAYS have a great matter what the occasion is. One of my goals now is when I commit to going to something that I've been invited, is to go and not skip out at the last minute. Be sure to cherish the time with those who are important....everything can change in the blink of an eye!

Just a little pregnancy update: I have a doctors appointment on Thursday, but C.J. seems to be doing well...moving lots, has had the hiccups several times the past few days, he's an expert at punching my bladder, and seems to love Christmas music. We played some the other day and it looked like he was swaying back and forth in my belly listening to it. I am so anxious and I cannot wait to hold this precious little boy! Only three weeks to go before I am considered full term and time is going fast! I'm so excited to become a family of four. God has blessed me with WAY more than I deserve, and I'm thankful for ALL His blessings!

One last note....if you haven't read the article I posted, please do, especially if you are married. There is one for husbands and one for wives. It's very convicting, but I believe if we can put these things into actions our marriages, families and homes will be much stronger!
Here are the links-For the wife:
For the husband:

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