Friday, September 30, 2011

Are you ready?

What a crazy week it has been! It's been tiring trying to adjust to Chris going back to night shift. It's awful, and I am really praying that God will open up some more job opportunities for him. I'm glad he's sticking with it though. It's hard, and he doesn't get to see us much, it's hard for us to do a lot as a family, but I'm doing my best to be that encouraging wife that he needs. I'm thankful that he is being responsible and sticking it out for us. I hate that he misses out on the Gator games or the afternoon tv time with Maddison, and dinner as a family. He misses Sunday night church as well, and I know he doesn't like that. It's the little things that are most important to us a family, and I'm just praying that God continues to give us the strength and the encouragement to get through. I'm very thankful he has a job though. I'm thankful that the job provides enough for me to be able to stay home, I'm thankful that he works in a facility that isn't as bad as some of the others, and I'm thankful that they hired him on. Once again, I'm trying to focus on the blessings in the trial. :)
      On a happier note, we took a quick little trip to the beach! I felt bad because we hadn't taken Maddison, and we needed a little family get away. It was nice too. We when got there we went down to the beach for a little bit, but then spend most of our time in the pool...or pools, I should say. The outdoor pool was nice, it had a huge curvy water slide. At first, I was completely nervous and worried about Maddison going down the slide. So, to help ease my worries, Chris asked the lady if she thought Maddison was old enough to go the slide, if it was safe for her. The lady said, yes, so we gave it a shot. She LOVED it. My little dare devil tried wanted to go again and again. The time she went down with momma, was a little scary though. Some how, I managed to always go faster down the slide than Chris, so both me and Maddison, ended up under the water. I knew I had ahold of her and she wasn't under for more than just a second....but it scared me. She a coughed a little, caught her breath, and said "again"! Lol. Needless to say, after that she just went down with daddy. We enjoyed the time together, and Maddison is getting to be a great swimmer. I love hearing her say "kick your feet, kick your feet". She is growing so much, and it's crazy how smart she is. :) Anyways, our hotel was very affordable for our budget, and we had a great room! We had a wonderful balcony that had a beach view. I've never seen the sun rise at the beach, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to see such a beautiful thing. Well, I was reminded why I've never seen the sunrise at the beach....I don't get our of bed that early. :p I tried to wake up, but it just did not work, so I have yet to see the sunrise over the beach....Lol We tried to enjoy the beach a little before we left to come home, but it was disastrous! Maddison is not a beach baby, and I told Chris not to be surprised it I never wanted to go back. All she did was cry...she didn't want to sit in the sand, she didn't want the water to touch her sand toys, she didn't want her daddy touching the sand toys....she just did not want any part of it. I tried being patient, I didn't get frustrated, i sat with her, showed her how to build a sand castle, held hand while we stood in the water....but all she did was pitch a fit the whole time. Finally I was done...I took her to the car, put a pull up on her, and said we're going home. I was over it. I'm not that big of a beach person to begin with, and that situation did not help.( I just don't like that sand, the stickiness of the water, the rough waves..I'm just not a fan of it.) After we left and she was snoozing peacefully in the back, I changed my mind and said I definitely want to take her back...but not for a while. And I'm taking her Nana, or Marema with me. Mom said just to give her some time, and she should be ok with it, but if she doesn't want to go get all sandy and sticky...I'm good with that too. I'll just take her to the lake. :)
    Being at the beach, made me want to get in shape...more than I already do. I really want a baby, in the very near future, but I also want to be healthy. I want to be in shape, and I want to stay in shape. I have to take care of myself so I can take care of my husband and children. I have to be healthy, so I can raise my children to be healthy and I have to show them that they have to take care of themselves. So, my first step is getting some help. I'm going to start going to the weight loss clinic, and the gym. Ugh, the gym. I dread it, but hopefully with help from the clinic, I'll have the energy to go, and then hopefully I'll develop a love for the gym. I'm tired of being tired and unhappy. My weight has had a huge impact on my life, and my marriage and my relationship with Maddison, and I'm tired of it. I've let it run my life for long enough. I want to be happy and confident in myself. Thankfully, my parents, in laws and husband support me 100%, and I know I can do this. It's going to take hard work, and a change in my lifestyle along with a lot of prayer, but I'm ready for the challenge. I'll be sure to keep you updated as well, and I'll be sure to share my struggles and victories with you. I hope that one day someone will read my blog and be encouraged to take the steps to get healthy as well.
    Well, being that it's midnight, I better get some sleep. I hope you enjoy the pictures. The first one is self-explanatory, the second one is the view from our room, and the third is a picture of Chris and Maddison on the curvy slide....I love how she's covering her eyes! :) Goodnight.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Seeing the Blessings

I've been slacking on my blog post...but I have really enjoyed the time with my family. I can't tell you how wonderful it is having my family complete again. It was only two weeks, but it felt like forever. I love the feeling of getting to be with each other after being apart. It's wonderful, and each time he leaves and comes back, we're a lot closer than we were before. It's no fun at all being separated, for whatever the reason may be, but I also see the blessing in the situation. :)

Maddison is loving her daddy being home. She has been in heaven, and so has he. I love watching the two of them together. They make me heart smile. It's a bond, and a love I can't explain, but it's definitely something wonderful. She absolutely adores her daddy, and there's nothing he wouldn't do for her. The two of them LOVE watching Spongebob, they can sit on the couch for thirty minutes and laugh and just enjoy each other being there. I can't stand Spongebob, I feel like my brain cells die each time I watch it, but I love to watch them watching it. They look so happy and so content just being with each other.

It was nice spending Saturday with Chris too. I love going shopping with him, and I love it more, when he spoils me. :) We had a wonderful lunch, and just enjoyed the time together. We love Maddison, and would not give her up for the world, but it's nice having "us" time. We need that time together. It allows to learn something new each, and allows us to put the responsibilities of life aside for the moment. I never want us, no matter how crazy life gets, to forget where we started, or to forget why we fell in love with each other. The time alone helps us to grow as a couple, and then we take what we've discussed and apply it our family as a whole. I cherish the weekends when we just run away for the weekend. Things haven't always been easy, but it's so wonderful to get away, and enjoy each other. I encourage you, to take time for just you and your spouse. You don't have to go out of town, you don't have to spend a lot of money, you can stay in for the weekend playing cards or board games, watching movies and just enjoying the company of each other. It will do you some good.

For once, I don't have much else to say. Make your days and your time with your family count, enjoy each other and love each other like there's no tomorrow. Life is too short to be angry and mad. Put God first in your life and everything else will fall into place. Try to be positive and see the blessing even in the hard times.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Loads and Loads of Excitement!

It is 10 minutes til 10 o'clock, I have sooo much to do, and here I am sitting on the computer. Thank goodness the excitement is going to keep me up tonight! Tomorrow, we will be picking up Chris from his two week class! He is now a Pathfinder, and I couldn't be more proud of him! I'm so excited that I will be able to pin him too! I've always see Soldier's wives or significant others pin them when they get a promotion or something, but never thought I would get to do it! When Chris asked, I had tears well up in my eyes. I'm not quite sure why, though. I'm just super proud of him and I cannot wait to see him! I know Maddison is going to be one happy little girl as well. She has certainly missed her daddy. But, before he gets home, I have to clean our room and the bathroom, finish putting away the clothes and vacuum. It doesn't sound like a lot, but you just have no idea of how many clothes I have to put up! It's awful, and my momma would be ashamed lol. I just hope there's something good on t.v. to keep me occupied while I clean. One day, maybe I'll learn to not be such a procrastinator. I don't know where I get the habit from, but it's not a good one.
     Over the past two weeks, I have been stressed, and emotional, but with the grace of God and a phone call from Chris every night, I managed to make it through. I've thought much about future deployments these last few days, and every time I do, I start to cry. I feel like there's no way I'll make it through. Maddison is older now and knows daddy is gone, but doesn't understand why. It's hard to explain it to her too. I know, that when the time comes, I'll manage, as I always do, but it's a scary thought. I just pray that God continues to prepare my family for these times, and continues to give us the strength we need to get through.
    Well, I'm off to put Maddison to bed and to get me cleaning done. I hope you all have a wonderful night! I know I will! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is wrong with People?

As a fan of the Doctors and Dr. Phil, I find this lady that was on the show today, CRAZY! She has had at least 100 cosmetic surgeries and see's nothing wrong with it. Her, as an adult getting cosmetic surgery, I have no issue with, but she has allowed her 15 yr old daughter have botox because she is a "professional" dancer and on stage she didn't want to have this problem area on her forehead. She also gave her 7 year old daughter a voucher for a FREE breast augmentation when she turns 18! I feel like she is already telling her daughter, that when you turn 18 you're not going to be perfect. I'm not against plastic surgery, but geez, 7 years old! Are you kidding me! I'm going to raise my daughter, and I'm going to tell her everyday that she's beautiful and wonderful and she's perfectly fine that way she is. I never want her to think she has to have some surgery to make her beautiful.I want her to accept herself as she is, and I want to her love herself, for her. There was another lady on there who puts her child in these pageants. There is nothing wrong with that, but this little girl, is 8 years old. Her mom is cussing at her, makes her get spray tans, puts on tons of make up, and lets her take provocative pictures in these tiny little outfits, is ridiculous! She claimed it was a dance outfit, but the girl was leaning over with behind stuck in the air, with all this make up on, and her hair curled...she certainly did not look like an 8 yr old child. Her mom said she's not sexualizing her daughter, she's just letting her dance and compete in these pageants. My daughter may dance one, take ballet, or tap or something, but never will she look like that or wear something that shows so much. There are WAY too many crazies in this world who would look at her and think awful things, and I'm just not going to allow that happen. I also want my daughter to be young and innocent for as long as possible. You will never hear me cuss at my daughter or tell her she did awful, and that she's boring. I feel so bad for that child. I never want my daughter to be a quitter, but if she doesn't want to be in a pageant, I won't make her. Little girls are not sexy, they are cute, and adorable. They are innocent beings, and that's the way I think things should be. I will teach my daughter that modest is the hottest, and that short shorts, short shirts, or very low cut shirts are not appropriate. I'm so glad that my mom never let me leave the house in something that was no appropriate. I just can't wrap my mind around what people are doing to their children. Please as a mother, take the responsibility and tell your child to put some clothes on.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Just say, I love you

Today, was kind of boring. Maddison and held down the fort and didn't leave the house today. It was actually kind of nice! I really have to get my house together and nice and clean before Friday. We did have a nice little thunderstorm come in. It was kind of scary for a bit, but with prayer, we made it through. It's hard for me sometimes though, because I don't like storms, but I have to be strong and not let Maddison feel my fears. She was so pitiful. When the storm first got bad, I went to check on her and she was laying in bed with the covers over her head. I asked if she was ok, and she said "momma the thunder scares me". :( It was awful. I scooped her and took her to my bed to snuggle with me. We made popcorn, watched a movie and waited for the storm to pass. Thankfully, she is now fast asleep having happy dreams!

As a person that believes there is power pray, I'm asking that you say a special prayer for a friend of mine and her son. He fell while praying and cracked his hip and hasn't been able to walk. The doctors are hoping that it will on its own, but it's heartbreaking for him mom to watch him be in pain and being a boy, he wants to walk, and run and be into everything and right now he can't. I know she and her family would greatly appreciate the prayers. 

On to something happier, we are one day closer to Chris being home, and I can't begin to describe how I feel! He is doing so well in this class, and has really made me proud. I kind of wish Maddison was old enough to realize just how soon he will be home! I know he won't be able to leave her side when he gets home. I was telling my mom the other day, that you would think she would be a momma's girl as much as she is with me, but she is her daddy's shadow. I'm thankful for that though. I believe that a girl needs a strong father figure in her life, and as a daddy's girl myself, I'm glad Chris and Maddison are as close as they are. Don't get me wrong, as a mother I know my role is important and that we need a close relationship too, but we have that.
While on the subject on relationships with parents, let me just say, I know that we don't always get along with our parents. You won't always agree, and you won't always see eye to eye on things, but I feel no matter what, you should do all you can to make sure there is a good relationship there. Our parents do things for us, no one else would even consider doing. They love us unconditionally, and when everyone else turns their backs on us, they will be there, with open arms willing to help us out. So, please, if things aren't good with your parents, if your relationship isn't what it should be, then try to fix it. Give it your best shot. If you haven't spoken to them recently, call them up or send them a text just to tell them you love them. One day, they won't be around and you'll miss, miss the chance to talk to them, or see them, so be sure you let them know how things are, so you don't regret not doing it one day.

Anyways, I did get my Scentsy Facebook page put in order today! There is still a few things that need to be done to it, but it's looking awesome. I had my first giveaway as well! Two ladies won a Scentsy Circle and got to choose the scent! I'm super excited about Scentsy and I booked my first party! I can't wait to get some more samples made and get some catalogs in the mail. Scentsy is wonderful, and I am really working hard to make this business work for me! Say a little pray for me as I take this journey. It will really help my family with the extra income, and I just love working with people and I really enjoy all the scents in warmers!  If you've never heard of Scentsy and would like some more information and samples email me at

For now, I will continue my countdown to Friday, and try to get some sleep. Goodnight

Monday, September 19, 2011

Romans 8:28

It's been a long couple days for me. I am so over this class that Chris is at, and I cannot wait until he gets home. We've been in the process of trying to buy a mobile home, and this place is about to make me go crazy white girl on them. One day we're approved, and the next we're not. It's very frustrating, and I'm upset that they don't have it together. I was so excited and couldn't believe we would have our own home in just a few months. Now, we're back to square one. Don't get me wrong, I'm upset and frustrated, but I know that God has bigger and better for us, and there's a reason this didn't work out, and I know He works things out to our good. Romans 8:28 assures me of this. Thankfully, I have a very patient and encouraging husband who has calmed my anger, and frustration and said, just go get our deposit, and we'll move on. God gave me Chris because He knows I need someone who is laid back, doesn't anger quickly and doesn't stress out. Even half way across the world, just an email from him changes everything. A husband is a life partner who is there through the ups and downs, and I'm so glad Chris is the one by my side. He is truly a blessing and an addition to my life.
     So, I had jury duty for the first time. What craziness! I was not looking forward to it all. I didn't want to go, but I didn't want to deal with the consequences of not going. Turned out, it wasn't as bad as I thought it was. Thankfully, I'm a full time stay at home mom to a two year, so I was excused! I do think being on a jury is important, but there's no way this was the right time for me, and I believe someone out there wanted to be there more than I did. :) I'm thankful I got out early, was able to go buy breakfast and then enjoy the day with my mother in law and daughter.
      It was a good day. I really needed to be at home getting my house in shape, but I enjoyed it. I believe we all did. Maddison seems to have some kind of viral thing. She hasn't been too sick, but is a little pale and is sleeping a lot. I sure hope it passes soon, and that it doesn't get worse before it gets better. She needs to be a healthy little girl on Friday! I can't wait! We are counting down, and I know she cannot wait til her daddy is home. She gets up in the mornings and ask if Daddy is at work. She misses him, and it's heartbreaking at times. I know it's a great thing he's doing, and I know that as a Soldier who is making this a career, there's going to be more time apart, more deployments, and more heartbreaking times where Maddison misses him. It's a sacrifice she's making, but has no control over it. She doesn't understand now, why he's gone, and why he has to leave, but one day she will, and I know she will proud of her daddy. She's going to be a strong young woman one day, and everything she goes through is shaping her into that person she's meant to be. I just hope that we're teaching her the right way, and that she learns to lean on God to get her through everything. She is a remarkable 2 year, and has been the best thing to come into our lives.
     Well, I guess I better get off here, and find something for dinner. Today I felt stressed, relieved and frustrated, but I know it's all going to get better!

Friday, September 16, 2011

To Begin...

This is my second attempt at a blog, and I hope I can keep up with this one better than I did the first one. I just want some place I can vent, share, and reflect on things going on in my life. Right now, things are absolutely crazy. Of course, life is always crazy in some way. Today makes one week that Chris has been at Camp Blanding. It's definitely been a long one, but I'm thankful that God has been with us keeping us safe, and helping Chris with the school. From what I understand, the class is very hard, and both mentally, and physically draining. So far, Chris has done wonderful, and is pushing through. As my husband, I am so proud of him. He is a wonderful husband, father and friend to Maddison and I. We miss him, and cannot wait til this next week is over. Maddison is as adorable and sweet as ever. She definitely has her two year old moments, but she is a wonderful child. I can't believe how big she is getting and how well she is talking. She is a very polite child who almost always says thank you, loves to say the blessing before we eat, and loves going to church. I couldn't have asked for a better daughter. Sometimes, she makes me want to pull my hair out, but what can I say, she acts just like me. :)

All in all, today, this past week has been pretty good. Things are going well, my family is wonderful, and my favorite time of the year is approaching quickly.