Thursday, October 27, 2011

Quiet Time

Whew, I am tired. It's been a busy, but good day. I am a bit frustrated though. I'm tired of companies and/or people dragging their feet and thinking they can take all the time they want. As a paying customer, I expect them to do everything they can to make me happy and make sure that everything is done they way it should be. As a customer, I will be sure to let others know about the company. I would think they would want me to say good things, to recommend people to them, and to let others know how satisfied I was. Ugh! We bought a dryer almost two weeks, and have yet to use it because there is something wrong with it. Finally after a week of continually being told that the tech would be here, he finally showed up. Then told us that in a day or so the company would call and we will probably be getting a different dryer. I'm sorry, but a day or two is not going to cut it. I want a dryer now. I have clothes to wash, I paid money for something that and I want to be able to use it. Unfortunately, there's nothing I can do about it tonight, but in the morning, I'll be on the phone with the Nationawide Appliance, and I'm going to tell them, if they cannot get me a dryer by Saturday morning, I want my money back and I'm going somewhere else. I'm not going to wait another two weeks for something I should have gotten last week. So, I think I'm through venting for the moment.
   Anyways, among the many things I have picked up lately, I decided to try my hand at cake decorating again. The cake came out ok, definitely not my favorite, and I can definitely improve a lot, but it's not the worst. Now, all you Gator Haters, don't think I've switched teams, I'm still a true Gator fan, but I was making this cake for a special person, and to make her truly happy...I had to what she asked. :)
     The Spear, looks nothing like I wanted it to, but that's ok, it will get better. The "F" is also not my favorite, but I'm getting there. This is the first time I've used a lot of icing to decorate, and for the most part, it looks good. Some spots look awful, but of course, more practice will make it better. Now I have to figure out what to do with this thing, but my husband isn't going to let it stay in the house for too long. It took all I could do for to convince him to let me make it. Haha.
      Well, I guess I'm off to enjoy some quiet time. I've got to print the music for tomorrow's Alumni Game and I'm going to finish watching Greys. I might clip and organize my coupons and crochet some, but I'm mainly going to be lazy and rest. It's so nice when both Maddison and Chris are sleeping. I love our time together and I cherish every moment, but once in a while, it's nice to have some quiet time. I hope you call have a good night. :)

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