Saturday, October 1, 2011

It's that time of year!

    Wow...what a disappointing loss for my team the Gators! It was a rough game...and I'm kind of sad. Lol. Good thing is, it's just a game and they're still my team. :)
     On a better note, I had a really productive day. I'm so proud of myself. I managed to get my house clean! Haha. If you don't know, that is a chore in itself for me. I just have such a hard time keeping up with it, but I'm getting better. So far, I have kept Maddison's room clean for a week! Which is wonderful, because her room went from you can't see the floor, to everything is in it's place. I've just made it a point to pick up her room after nap time and before she goes to bed at night. So far, it has worked. Now, if I can just convince her to keep her toys in her room. I can't tell you have many armfuls of toys I take back to her room all throughout the day. I mean she has them from her room all the way into my bathroom. I'm just like have a bedroom. Lol I love it though, and it's all part of being a Mommy. Anyways, I just have to mop, wash up a couple loads of clothes, and pick up my room, and the house will be spotless. I love it, I love a clean house. I love coming home where there is nothing to be done.
    Sooo it's that time of year! I am loving the temperatures. The nice beautiful days, and the cool temperatures at night! The weather outside is making my Scentsy warmers even better! Now it smells like fall inside, and feels like fall outside! I wish we could have had a fire was perfect for it, but Chris had to work, which is ok, I'm glad he has a job. (Still praying for another opportunity.) I'm so excited for Thanksgiving, for the football, for family time, for Christmas shopping, and my birthday! :p It's just the best time of year, and I'm so glad that again, my entire family is in the state of Florida for it all! I have soo much to be thankful for! I am very undeserving of all the blessing I've had/have, but I am SO very thankful for them. I do think about the families that aren't together though. I think about those who live far away from their families, I think those who are going through the first holiday season after a loved one has passed, I think about those families who sit at the table with one person missing, because that person is overseas fighting for our freedom. I think about those families who have an empty seat where their Soldier will never sit again because he/she lost their life protecting what we believe. It makes my heart sad, and I'm tearing up just thinking about it. I pray that God fills that void, that He gives the strength to make it through. I appreciate the sacrifices the of the Soldier and the family. Where would we be without those brave men and women. I know some don't agree with the war and you want them all home...but you don't have to support the war to support the Soldiers. When you put them down, when you say they are evil, you are using the very freedom that they are protecting. I want my Soldier home with me, I want the Soldiers home to be with their families, but I'm thankful they are doing something I don't have the courage to do, I'm thankful that the war is across the world and not in my back yard, I'm thankful that they are keeping my country safe for my family. I'm thankful for all of that! I have a soft spot for service men, and I don't think you can find someone more patriotic or more thankful than me. I pray that one day, people will realize what they are doing when they bad mouth our Soldiers. Be thankful for them, and support them. Send them a care package or just a note to tell them you appreciate what they're doing. You just don't know what that means to them. *Only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you. Jesus Chris and the American Soldier. One died for you soul; the other your freedom.*
   Well, I'm calling it a night, church in the morning! Goodnight! xoxo


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