Sunday, October 9, 2011

A Little Thing Called Love.

I'm not sure where to start. I guess I'll start with my's been three years! We've made it three years! In my generation and in this day and time, and for my age group, a marriage lasting three years is something to celebrate! When I made my commitment to Chris, I made it forever. I see marriage as a sacred thing, and it's to be taking seriously and with children especially important for two people to work on things and try their absolute best to make it work. Many people don't view marriage that way anymore, and sad how high divorce rates are. Now, I'm not in everyone's relationships, I don't know what goes on, or how things are, but I can tell you, things haven't been that easy for us. We started out young, with a baby on the way, we were renting from my parents, and all we owned was what was in our bedrooms from high school. A lot of that is still the same, but we're in a much better place. :) We went through a deployment. And, if you've never been through one, I'm telling you, that is a test in itself. The stress of the situation is indescribable. Emotions run high, you never know what's going, you feel helpless, and it's rough. But, we made. We struggled with no jobs, and no income with baby. We went through a PT test...and let me tell ya, that stupid test caused SO many arguments between, it was awful. We've never argued over something as much as we did that PT test. And of course, we've been through just the regular every day rifts that any and every couple faces. In the last three years, there's been many tears, a few goodbyes, lots of love, lots of laughter, lots of smile and lots of kisses. When things get rough, when I feel like giving up, I give it to God, and then I think back to when I first met Chris. I remember how I felt being around him, how he made me his world, and I remember ALL the reasons why I fell in love with him in the first place. He's still that person. He's still that person that made me feel on top of the world. He has changed of course, he's matured in ways, and sees things differently, but he's still Chris, the good looking Solider that drives a charger that sweep me off my feet and never put me down. I can't speak for him, but he still makes me beautiful, he makes me feel important, and when things just aren't going my way, he's there telling me it's going to ok. I know without a doubt he loves me. I can be hard to live with, I can be grouchy and irritable and frustrating, and yet he's still here loving me like he always has. No, things haven't always been easy, and at some points we've only had each other, but it's worth.
     Now, I haven't been married that long, and I'm sure you can find someone who can give you some better advice on a happy marriage, but this is what I've learned so far. When it comes to your spouse, tell them every day that you love them. Let them know that they are wonderful, show that they are wonderful. Husbands, be sure to tell your wife she's beautiful. It may not seem like much, but just hearing that, even if we disagree, makes a world of difference. Be sure to let her know that you appreciate what she does as well. When she accomplishes something, tell her your proud of her. The same thing goes for you wives, tell your husbands he looking good every now and then. Tell him thank you for going to work to provide for you. When he takes you to dinner, a simple "thank you" will do. Be sure, to take time for just the two of you. You need that time. It makes a huge difference. Some times it's not always easy. Finances may not be right, you have children's schedules you have to work around, but you need to make time for it. Even if it's just a movie night at home with all your favorite junk foods, and some sparkling grape juice. Do it, trust me, you'll love the time together. Most importantly though, keep God in the center of your relationship. Keep Him first. Without God, I'll tell you, we wouldn't be where we are. Sister Dean always says, when he does something that makes me mad, I just give it to God, because God can get him better than I ever could. I love that saying. It's one that has stuck with me, and I try always to calm down, pray about the situation and talk about when emotions aren't so high and after we've both had an opportunity to think it over. God can make anything happen and if you just let him take control of your relationship, everything will work out. It still won't be easy, but it will be a lot better! Then when you do have an argument, make up quickly. Even if that means you have to swallow your pride and say your sorry. It's not about who's right or wrong, it's about making compromises. And life is WAY too short to angry all the time.
   All in all, I just try to make Chris happy, and he does the same for me. Sometimes we don't always meet in the middle, but over the last three years we've overcome every obstacle that has come our way, and now we're celebrating it, and for the next year, I'm going to strive to love a little deeper and try a little hard to make Chris that happiest he can be. Sometimes I can't control, but I'm going to give me all at what I can control. He's my love, and there's nothing I wouldn't do for him. I love you, Baby.

    As a little side note, I want to thank both of our parents for setting wonderful examples for us. I watched my parents go through hard times, and I still do, but through it all, they never quit loving each other. My mom taught me how to take care of my husband, how to clean the house, and cook, and how even when he makes me mad, to stand by his side, and to sometimes just over look things. My dad showed me how a man is supposed to treat a woman. He loves my mom like no other. Now for my in laws, I haven't always been there, but I see where they were three years ago, where they are now, and what they're going through. They love each other just the same as well, and being married to Chris, I know he learned a lot about being a good husband from his daddy. His momma showed him how a mom should mother her children and love her husband. Next year, both of our parents will be celebrating 25 years, and I'm so proud and happy for both of them.

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