Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Today is going to be a crazy busy today filled with lots of cleaning, and ending with a photo session. I have been neglecting my house lately, and it's showing badly.  It doesn't help that I have all this craft and seasonal stuff every where! I have to get it organized, because it is driving me crazy. There is stuff EVERYWHERE! Blah. Anyways, besides cleaning, I have to get everything together for our pictures, make sure Maddison has a nap so she's not grumpy, send Chris out to Camp Blanding to get my shirt for pictures....(don't know why we haven't already done this....), bake a cake, and hopefully make some Scentsy Samples. Like I said, crazy busy day. So, really I shouldn't be here on the computer, but here I sit. I'm sure I'll get it all done, I always do.  I'm sure excited about out pictures though. It's been about a year since we've had our pictures done, and it's definitely time. We've found a great photographer, who is a wonderful person, and her pictures and prices are awesome. We're taking the chance to get some family photo's done with Chris in his uniform. I've always wanted to get them done, but just haven't had the chance. I am so anxious...we haven't even taken the pictures yet, but I can't wait to see the end result.
    I do have to say, I am a little..well a lot frustrated with the place where we bought our dryer. I've the thing a week and haven't used it yet. Don't know what the issue is, but we called last Wednesday and told the lady what was going on and that we need the tech to come out. She said ok, he'll be there Friday. Well, the tech didn't show up. Chris called again yesterday, the guy said he's not sure what happened or why the tech didn't show up, but he set it up so the tech would show up today. I get up this morning and have a voicemail saying the van for the tech is broke down, and he won't be able to get out here until Thursday! Ugh...it's very frustrating. I really need to wash clothes, and it would be nice to use the dryer that we just bought. I sure hope they show up on Thursday, because I will not be a happy person if they don't.
On to a lighter note, I have become a crafty person...thanks to Pinterest. Which, if you aren't on the site, you really should be. It's great. They have everything. Anyways, I am in the process of making a ribbon wreath. So far it's looking good...I  ran out of ribbon, so I have to go buy some more so I can finish it up. I tried the canvas and glue thing, but it didn't turn out that great. I'm going to try it again and see if I can make it better. I'm going to get a sewing machine or have mom fix mine so maybe I can make some pillow case dresses, and such. I'm still crocheting, I'm actually working on a scarf and beanie set, that is really pretty, but it's taking me forever to get it done. Lol. I really want to learn to crochet some different things, I have lot's of yarn, just have to find the time to learn. I'm really looking forward to making some more wreaths as well. I like being creative, it just takes me a while to get there.
Well, I guess I need to get started on this house. We're still praying for a few things, and thanking God for what we have. I am a very blessed person. A wonderful family, great friends and much much more. :)

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