Wednesday, September 21, 2011

What is wrong with People?

As a fan of the Doctors and Dr. Phil, I find this lady that was on the show today, CRAZY! She has had at least 100 cosmetic surgeries and see's nothing wrong with it. Her, as an adult getting cosmetic surgery, I have no issue with, but she has allowed her 15 yr old daughter have botox because she is a "professional" dancer and on stage she didn't want to have this problem area on her forehead. She also gave her 7 year old daughter a voucher for a FREE breast augmentation when she turns 18! I feel like she is already telling her daughter, that when you turn 18 you're not going to be perfect. I'm not against plastic surgery, but geez, 7 years old! Are you kidding me! I'm going to raise my daughter, and I'm going to tell her everyday that she's beautiful and wonderful and she's perfectly fine that way she is. I never want her to think she has to have some surgery to make her beautiful.I want her to accept herself as she is, and I want to her love herself, for her. There was another lady on there who puts her child in these pageants. There is nothing wrong with that, but this little girl, is 8 years old. Her mom is cussing at her, makes her get spray tans, puts on tons of make up, and lets her take provocative pictures in these tiny little outfits, is ridiculous! She claimed it was a dance outfit, but the girl was leaning over with behind stuck in the air, with all this make up on, and her hair curled...she certainly did not look like an 8 yr old child. Her mom said she's not sexualizing her daughter, she's just letting her dance and compete in these pageants. My daughter may dance one, take ballet, or tap or something, but never will she look like that or wear something that shows so much. There are WAY too many crazies in this world who would look at her and think awful things, and I'm just not going to allow that happen. I also want my daughter to be young and innocent for as long as possible. You will never hear me cuss at my daughter or tell her she did awful, and that she's boring. I feel so bad for that child. I never want my daughter to be a quitter, but if she doesn't want to be in a pageant, I won't make her. Little girls are not sexy, they are cute, and adorable. They are innocent beings, and that's the way I think things should be. I will teach my daughter that modest is the hottest, and that short shorts, short shirts, or very low cut shirts are not appropriate. I'm so glad that my mom never let me leave the house in something that was no appropriate. I just can't wrap my mind around what people are doing to their children. Please as a mother, take the responsibility and tell your child to put some clothes on.

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